Successes already

Dr Proudman does not wait. She does not wait for change or to be told change is allowed to be made now. She fights and enacts change now and that is exactly the philosophy will be at WomenNOW.

In 2022 Dr Proudman arm in arm with other feminist fought to end child marriage. Because of their tenacity and belief that all women and girls be safe from forced anything especially marriage, they lobbied which resulted in the legal age of marriage being raised from 16 to 18.
In 2021 Dr Proudman fought on behalf of a wife to apply for a divorce due to the barbaric fact the husband had applied for a decree of nullity on the ground of non-consummation, which the wife opposed. The husband had sought at a previous hearing for the wife to undergo a hymen examination to prove that she’s still a virgin. Dr Proudman stated that such a procedure is abusive and in breach of her human rights. The UK government is planning on banning the cosmetic surgery called hymenoplasty, which attempts to recreate a woman's hymen, which in some cultures is linked to virginity, and has been described as a form of honor-based abuse.
As a result of Dr Proudman and her non-stop fight alongside other lawyers and campaigners, the procedure will be criminalized, as will virginity testing.

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