REVOLUTIONARY FEMINIST: The life of Valerie Solanas

We can only truly achieve the liberation of women with a revolution that dismantles patriarchal structures that oppress women and harm men. Let’s talk about revolutionary feminism. In this episode, Charlotte is joined by Professor Breanne Fahs, a Professor of Women and Gender Studies at Arizona State University. Breanne has authored six books: Performing Sex; Valerie Solanas; Out for Blood; Firebrand Feminism; Women, Sex, and Madness; and, most recently, Unshaved. 


Together, they follow the footsteps or giant leaps of Valerie Solanas, the woman who infamously shot Andy Warhol. They discuss the complex, fascinating and revolutionary existence of Solanas and how her life and work are still as relevant to our fight for equality today. Solanas was the author of one of the most famous feminist writings of all time: The Scum Manifesto. They delve into the hidden meanings of her writings, her views on the radical feminist movement, her predictions for the future (which have come true) and where she stands on trans rights.

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