Podcast Episodes

CHILD MARRIAGE: Ending Violence against Children

In this episode, Charlotte is joined by Naomi Wiseman, barrister at Garden Court Chambers specialising in violence against women and girls and Payzee Malika, award-winning activist and survivor of child marriage. They reflect on their long-fought campaign to increase the age of marriage and criminalise child marriage in England and Wales. Alongside a coalition of amazing women’s organisations representing women and children from all backgrounds, they campaigned to change the law and they were successful.

The Pauline Latham MP Bill came into effect in 2022. Until recently, children were able to marry at the age of 16 with parental consent, which campaigners warned is a ‘child marriage’. It also leaves girls in particular at risk of being coerced into forced marriages. The law now makes it an offence to marry a child and it applies to both registered marriages and unregistered ceremonial events. Together they discuss how to bring about legal change to advance the rights of women and girls.

31 min 30 sec

HEARD V DEPP: IRL Witch-trials and Victim Blaming

In this episode, Charlotte and Lucia Osborne-Crowley share their views about the live-streamed Heard v Depp defamation trial in Virginia, US. Lucia is an award-winning writer and journalist. Her news reporting and literary work appeared in Granta, GQ, The Sunday Times, the Guardian, The Lifted Brow and others. She’s smart and brilliant. Both Charlotte and Lucia followed the trial, which became trial by TikTok.

It was all popcorn and drama until it became trauma porn in which Amber Heard was relentlessly mocked and ridiculed on our screens. They share their views about the effect that the trial will have on survivors who watched the visceral and intimate nature of the couple’s lives unfold on our screens. Where does this leave the MeToo movement? 

27 min 26 sec

INCELS: A Dark Misogynistic World

In this episode Charlotte is joined by Dr Lisa Sugiura, Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Cybercrime and author of The Incel Rebellion: The rise of the manosphere and the virtual war against women and Dr Alessia Tranchese, Senior Lecturer in Communication and Applied Linguistics. They are co-authors of ‘I don’t hate all women, just those stuck-up bitches: How Incels and mainstream pornography speak the same extreme language of misogyny’. 

33 min 23 sec