Mandu Reid Leader of the UK Women's Equality Party

When she took the helm at the Women’s Equality Party in 2019, Mandu Reid became the first person of colour to lead a national political party in British history. She has lead campaigns to: challenge misogyny and racism in policing; tackle male violence against women and girls; and push for a radical new approach to parental leave and childcare which would accelerate progress towards equality and address the cost of living crisis by transforming the UK economy. She has stood for election for WEP multiple times including contesting the 2021 London Mayoral election. Mandu is passionate about making sure the fight for feminist change goes hand in hand with the fight for racial justice, and liberation for all marginalised groups. Growing up in Southern Africa in the twilight years of aparthied, she has seen profound change happen and has never stopped believing it is possible. In 2019 she was recognised by Apolitical as one of the top 100 most influential people in global gender policy alongside Michelle Obama, Melinda Gates, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg amongst others.

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