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Only by listening to others, and putting victims' trauma at the heart of policy advocacy, can we begin to take steps to ensure the safety of all.

Fighting for gender equality and diversity.

Right to Equality works to save lives and protect the health of ALL who suffer violence. We use policy advocacy to fight for justice.

Right to Equality Podcast

We empower all women all year round! Together we discuss pressing issues about cutting edge feminist politics and our fight for equality. Right to Equality is a space for curiosity, empowerment, education and laughter. Guest speakers range from political, campaigners, journalists, lawyers, psychologists and survivors. It takes a movement to push boundaries, challenge the status quo, change the world, let's start here.

COERCIVE CONTROL: Shattering myths with Professor Evan Stark

In this episode, Charlotte is joined by Professor Evan Stark, sociologist, forensic social worker, widely published author and an award-winning researcher with an international reputation for his innovative work on the legal, policy and health dimensions of interpersonal violence, including its effects on children. 

38 min 58 sec

INEQUALITY IN MEDICINE: Dispelling the gender pain gap and sexism in healthcare with Dr Maddy Lucy Dann

In this episode, Charlotte meets Accident and Emergency Doctor and internet sensation, Dr Maddy Lucy Dan. She’s feisty, funny and intelligent. They discuss the gender inequality gap in healthcare and medicine, touching on topics such as the gender pain gap and reproductive healthcare in Britain.  

33 min 47 sec

ANTI-SEMITISM AND MISOGYNY: Challenging the status quo with Eve Barlow

In this episode, Charlotte is joined by Eve Barlow. Eve is an active voice on Jewish identity and fighting antisemitism on social media. She was listed as Algemeiner's Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life in both 2020 and 2021 for her efforts.

41 min 21 sec


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We provide professionals and education sectors with a practical understanding of the legal rights and remedies available to women and minority people.

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One of the most powerful tools we have is sharing our stories and relating to others. This helps us understand what we’ve been through and our stories can be a source of strength and encouragement for others. Sharing past experiences can be a powerful form of unity and empowerment.